The Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation

Below you will find a list of certain elements the typical wedding invitation includes. Although most invitations follow these guidelines, it is not necessary. Feel free to be creative with your invitation! It is YOUR wedding after all!

1) Host Line

Begin with the names of those issuing the invitation.
Example Wording:
Bride’s Parents Hosting: Ex: Mr. and Mrs. James Smith…
Bride & Groom’s Parents Hosting: Ex: Mr. and Mrs. James Smith & Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Adams…
Bride’s Parents Hosting, Honoring Groom’s Parents: Ex: Mr. and Mrs. James Smith request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Jane Elizabeth to John Steven Adams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Adams
Bride & Groom Hosting: Ex: Jane Elizabeth Smith and John Steven Adams…
All Parties Hosting: Ex: Together with their parents, Jane Elizabeth Smith and John Steven Adams

2) Request Line

The way this line is phrased indicates if the ceremony will be in a house of worship or not.
At a Place of Worship: Ex: Request the honor of your presence…
Informal Ceremony: Ex: Request the pleasure of your company…

3) Bride and Groom Line

The bridal couple are the stars of the invitation
Traditional: If the bride’s last name is the same as her parents’ above, it is not repeated. (Ex: Jane Elizabeth & John Steven Adams)
Contemporary: If the couple or both sets of parents are to host, treat the names equally. (Ex: Jane Elizabeth Hall & John Steven Adams)

4) Date and Time Lines

Spell out numbers and capitalize proper nouns only.

5) Location Line

It’s traditional not to include the street addresses of houses of worship or well-known locations. If you are using a street address, numerals are acceptable but no ZIP code is needed.

6) Reception

If the ceremony and reception are in the same space, they can be on a single invitation. If the reception is held elsewhere, a separate card might be helpful.

7) R.S.V.P. Lines

Traditionally a fill-in-the-blank card with already stamped and addressed envelope are included for the guests reply.


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