Hoop Tea is brewed by Backshore Brewing Co. located in Ocean City, Maryland, but Hoop Tea is more than just a handmade alcoholic beverage, it’s summer in a jar! This fun loving company knew that life should be enjoyed, not just endured so one by one, they quit their jobs, moved to the beach, and never looked back. With a desire to craft local beverages brewed by local people, founder Danny Robinson decided to open the first brewery on the Ocean City peninsula. Backshore Brewery came to life in the summer of 2013 after Danny recruited friends with the promise of an unobstructed ocean view from the office and an endless flow of free beer. It wasn’t long after that Hoop Tea was crafted!


Hoop Tea quickly surged in popularity in the Ocean City area and the demand had far exceeded their ability to craft it in their tiny brewery. The many visitors they got at the boardwalk demanded that they make Hoop Tea available back in their hometowns. Hoop Tea then created their well known beverage pouch. When they came to East + Sunset they were looking to expand their flavors and tweak their current packaging. Four flavors later, Hoop Tea has expanded their ever popular pouches and into canned beverages. Hoop Tea can now be found in pouches and cans up and down the East Coast.

Danny Robinson

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