Little Booty Disaster Kit


Jackie approached East + Sunset with an idea that she wanted to create a slim and compact all-in-one kit for changing diapers while out and about. It can be slipped into a purse or large pocket without carrying a whole diaper bag. Jackie wanted to create a cute, yet masculine brand that would appeal to both moms and dads.


Taking into consideration Jackie’s requests East + Sunset created an elegant and classy logo, with a touch of fun and flare. The black and white logo added the masculinity Jackie wanted, while the emergency diaper icon added the fun. After the logo was created we moved on to the business cards and product packaging.


Little Booty is a hit! Customers adore the concept and love the branding even more! East + Sunset helped Jackie turn her vision into reality and made sure we didn’t lose her spunky personality along the way. Little Booty Disaster Kits can be purchased on and local retailers in Nashville, TN.

Primary Logo
Color Palette

Print + Packaging

“I started Little Booty Disaster because even though I wish I were the mom who always had my ish together, sometimes I’m a hot mess. I got sick of reaching into the diaper bag only to realize that I forgot to refill the diapers or wipes. By the time [my third child] came along, I found myself just shoving her essentials into my purse, rather than shlepping the whole diaper bag. The diaper would get all gross and filled with crumbs, and inevitably, I would still forget to refill the wipes. I always thought that someone should make all-in-one diaper change kits, so I could just grab one and go.

Turns out that someone was me.

I love how I can pop a kit into the glove box of my car, or into my purse, so I always have one ready. I don’t have to put any thought into remembering each necessary item. We can slip one into our baby backpack before we go for a hike, I can hand one to the childcare workers at the gym when I drop off the baby, and I always know that I have one stashed in my purse if disaster strikes in a restaurant or at the park.”

-Jackie Ferguson
Founder, Little Booty Disaster