Pic Station is the ultimate one-stop shop for photo booth rentals and group photography needs. Whether your goal is to create custom photo marketing experiences, take headshots of groups of corporate professionals, or deliver high-quality portraits to parents and families, Pic Station has you covered. We’re proud to offer photo booth rentals in 7 metropolitan areas across the US, including Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, and Philadelphia.


Pic Station is a start up company that began in mid-2019. They approached East + Sunset needing an entire brand work up. They had nothing but a name! After collaborating with their team we came up with a brand that evoked the feeling they were after: bright, fun & bubbly, while still remaining classy and corporate. We used fun colors with crisp clean fonts to appeal to their target audience. Then we translated that visual identify online and created a unique, highly convert-able website.