Color Psychology: What The Colors You Choose Say About Your Brand

Would you believe me if I told you the colors of your brand could actually convince someone to work with you? Well, it’s true! Let’s welcome color psychology to the branding conversation. Color psychology is the study of how colors affect perceptions and behaviors. Meaning that certain colors evoke feelings and emotions that we can use to our advantage in things like branding and marketing. Cool, right?

When choosing colors for your brand its important to focus on colors that support your brand message. If you haven’t yet, download our freebie: The Starter Guide to Developing Your Brand to help you zone in on your companies vision. As you discover the meaning of colors below, refer back to your answer for the final question on page 3. Which colors below align best with your vision?


Strong • Determined • Passion • Confidence

Red is associated with danger, excitement, and energy, which can lead to impulsive behavior. The color red tends to encourage appetite hence why a lot of fast food brands choose red.


Confidence • Energetic • Secure • Sociable

Orange is fresh and full of vitality. It’s also creative, adventurous, and associated with being cost effective. Oranges with a more pink tone can add a feminine touch to your palette while a brighter or darker orange can lean towards red attributes of strength and determination.


Optomistic • Happiness • Warmth • Cheer

Yellow conveys optimism and is often associated with playfulness and happiness. Although yellows softer hues can make it a difficult to work with, adding it strategically into your brand can have great benefits to conveying your vision.


Nature • Healing • Freshness • Quality

Green is a restful color that communicates harmony between mind, body and emotions. Often associated with nature, it can also be used to demonstrate sustainability and lush growth. But it can also align with prestige and wealth.


Trustworthy • Peaceful • Loyal • Efficient

Blue is a trustworthy and reliable color. Blue has a calming effect and is often used to comfort those in distress.


Purposeful • Authentic • Spiritual • Quality

Purple is a great color for business on a mission! A deep shade of purple can show strength while also showing approachability. It also makes a great alternative for black. A lighter, softer shade of purple, like a lilac is calm and relaxing.


Compassionate • Romantic • Warm • Soothing

Pink evokes a feminine energy that is compassionate and romantic, making it a popular color choice for brands that primarily serve a female audience.

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