5 Benefits of Blogging as a Small Business

We’ve all heard the term “blogger” and it seems as if the internet is inundated with everyone and their mom labeling themselves as a blogger. Initially, when we think of a blog, we’re brought back to the O.G. – Tumblr. Blogs and blogging have come a long way since the early day bloggers and although starting up a blog this late in the game may seem like a daunting task, we can tell you, it’s worth it. We’ve put together our top 5 benefits of blogging for small business to let you know why:

1. Boosts Search Engine Optimization

Blogs are an easy way to help organically and inexpensively boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Write blog posts around keywords that your customers search for. When the search engine algorithms scan the internet for websites with relevant keywords, they’ll find your blog. Since your blog post used those keywords multiple times, the search engine will determine your website as highly relevant and rank your business higher on the search results page. Now that’s a win if you ask us.

2. Helps establish your Brand Voice

A brand is way more than just your logo (check out our 5 Branding Tips for Small Business here). Blogs allow you to speak to your customer in a different and unique way, further establishing your brand identity and tone while allowing you to connect with your customers on a deeper level. Let your personality shine through!

3. Creates an Opportunity For Sharing

Sharing is caring and blogs create the perfect opportunity for that. Posting blogs with creative and interesting content will make your post worth sharing. Getting more eyes on your content also drives more people to your website. The more eyes on your website, the more opportunity you have to create a sale. Cha-ching!

4. Builds Brand Trust

Blogging is a great way for small businesses to share knowledge with their customers. Companies who consistently publish blog articles assert their authority as an industry leader and helps consumers build trust and confidence in their brand. Publishing blogs shows you’re confident in the subject matter you’re talking about. Hey, don’t you want to hire us now because we’re so smart?

5. Develops And Strengthens Relationships With Existing And New Customers

This isn’t the first time we’ve said it, and we’re sure we’ll say it again – customers love working with brands that have a human element to them. Blogs are the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers (past, present and future) in a more conversational way. Keep your content relevant to your brand and watch as you build trust with your target audience.

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